Daily Tanya Friday 16th Shevat: End of Chapter 21: Why creations feel themselves, and G-d’s speech, as separate entities

(LY) 16th Shevat

  • The contractions are a concealment of the original Divine energy: All of the contractions are different forms of concealment of the original Divine energy. Their function is to conceal and mask the light and energy that derives from G-d’s speech so that it not be revealed in its full intensity, which the creations would not be capable of receiving. [Meaning, that not only is the Divine revelation that is expressed through G-d’s speech already in a contracted form having passed through various levels of concealment, but furthermore, this Divine speech itself must go through further contractions, so the creations are able to receive it.]

5.       Why creations feel themselves, and G-d’s speech, as separate entities:

  • It is due to the above contractions and concealment of the Divine energy both within G-d’s speech and after it is spoken, that creations feel that the Divine light and energy of G-d’s speech that is invested within them, is a separate entity from Him, and is similar to the speech of man which although is derived from the soul of the man is nonetheless separated from the soul once it is spoken. [This mistaken feeling that G-d’s speech is separate from Him then causes the creations to feel themselves as separate entities from G-d.]

6.       To Hashem everything is nullified:

  • In truth, before G-d, the contractions and concealments which His Divine energy and speech passes through, do not conceal before Him at all, as to Him darkness is like light.
  • The contractions themselves come from G-d: The reason the contractions do not conceal before G-d is because the contractions and garments placed on the Divine energy are themselves not separate from G-d, G-d forbid, and is rather similar to the shell of a snail which is made from its own body. Accordingly, before G-d the contractions are as if they do not exist. [Accordingly, it is understood that since the contractions do not exist from G-d’s perspective, then the creations also truly do not exist from G-d’s perspective, as they are truly nullified to the Divine energy and light that is within them, and they are not considered separate entities at all from His essence. It is only from the perspective of the creations that they feel that they exist. Accordingly, it ends up that G-d is the only existence even after the creation.]

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