Daily Tanya Monday 12th Shevat: Middle of Chapter 20: Creation is from G-d’s speech

(LY) 12th Shevat

  1. Creation is from G-d’s speech:
  • The creation of all the upper and lower worlds from absolute nothingness, as well as their continued vitality and life force and energy which prevents them from returning to their original nothingness, is merely the word of G-d and speech of His breath that is invested within them.

  1. A parable from one’s speech which is considered like naught in ratio to the soul:
  • The following is a parable from the soul of man which can be used to understand the above nullification of all creations in the eyes of G-d:
  • A single word of speech is nullified to the infinite power of speech: When a person speaks a certain word or sentence, this speech on its own is considered like nothing in ratio to the general speech capabilities of the soul, which is the middle garment of the soul, which is its power of speech, as from this power of speech a person can speak infinitely without limit.
  • Like nothing in ratio to the power of thought: It is even more so considered nothing in ratio to the soul’s more inner garment of thought, from which all speech derives from, and which serves as the energy of speech.
  • Like nothing in ratio to essence of soul: It goes without saying that a single word is considered like nothing in ratio to the essence of the soul, which refers to the 10 soul powers of intellect and emotions from which derive all the letters of the thought that are invested within one’s speech that he is now speaking.
  • Also thought contains letters: Also one’s thought contains letters similar to speech, they are simply more refined and spiritual than actual speech.

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