Daily Tanya Monday 27th Teves: Middle Chapter 14-Only Tzadikim merit to transform their lusts

(LY) 27th Teves

  1. Only Tzadikim merit to change their lusts and desires, hate evil, and love G-d with Taanug:
  • A Beinoni cannot abhor evil: The above is in contrast to matters of emotion that is seated within the heart. A Beinoni does not have control over the emotions that are within his heart and hence he is not able to achieve a real hate and abhorrence for evil within his heart whether in a complete manner or even in an incomplete manner.
  • Must experience love of pleasure of World to Come, to abhor evil: This hatred and abhorrence for evil can only be truthfully achieved through experiencing a great intense and powerful love for G-d on the level of Ahava Betaanugim. This love is a love of pleasure in which one actually experiences the pleasure of being with G-d and is similar to the experience of the world to come. It is regarding this type of love that our sages state that one experiences a glimmer of the reward of the next world while still alive in this world.
  • This love is given only to Tzadikim: However, not every person merits to receive a glimmer of his reward in this world and to experience this form of love, as Scripture states that this type of love is given by G-d only as a present [and is not given indiscriminately to all individuals]. It is for this reason that Iyov stated that G-d created Tzadikim [as G-d must give the individual this love of pleasure as a present in order for him to become a Tzadik].
  • The different types of souls: Likewise, it states in the Zohar that there are many different levels and types of souls within the souls of Israel. For example, there exists souls which are defined as Chassidim, Giborim who are defined as warriors who overcome their inclination, Mareiy Torah [which are souls that are giants in Torah study], prophets, and Tzadikim.

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