Daily Tanya Tuesday 13th Shevat: End of Chapter 20: Understanding Hashem’s unity

(LY) 13th Shevat

  • The essence of the soul does not contain letters: However, the 10 aspects of one’s soul which is the root and source of the thought, do not yet contain any letters prior to being invested within the garment of thought.
  • An example of the processing of an emotion into a letter of thought and speech: For example, when a certain emotion of love and craving enters into the heart of a man, it does not yet contain any letters of thought prior to it being elevated from the heart to the mind to be contemplated on. At this point it is a mere simple feeling of emotion and craving for the matter that one craves. Certainly, prior to the lust and craving for this matter entering his heart it did not contain any letters of thought, even though it was already incorporated within his subconscious mind and memory which understands that there is a craving and desire for this matter, such as an understanding that he should crave the learning of a certain wisdom, or that he should crave the eating of a certain tasty food. The craving and lust only takes the form of letters after it is sent from the intellect of the mind into the heart to turn into an emotion of lust and craving, and is afterwards then sent back from the heart to the mind to be contemplated in regards to how this lust can be actualized and fulfilled, such as to get one’s hand on the food, or actually study the wisdom. Only at this point are the letters of thought born within one’s mind, which refers to the letters of speech and thought that are used for thinking and speaking by every nation, each in accordance with their language, of all the worldly matters.

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