Daily Tanya Thursday 15th Shevat: Middle of Chapter 21: Understanding G-d’s speech & How everything Remains nullified to G-d


(LY) 15th Shevat

3.       G-d’s speech and thought is completely unified with him even after it is spoken:

  • The speech and thought of G-d is completely united with Him.
  • The unity of man’s speech and thought prior to its expression: The speech and thought of man while it is still contained within his intellect and mind, or within his emotion and craving of the heart prior to it being sent from the heart to the mind to contemplate it with letters of speech, is completely united with him and his soul.
  • In this stage, the letters of thought and speech which derive from the lust and craving of his heart is only in a state of potential within the heart, and is therefore united within the heart and its root and source with an absolute unity. This means that at this stage the letters of speech and thought are united with the wisdom and intellect found in the brain, and with the lust and craving within the heart.
  • The unity of G-d’s speech within Him: The above example of how man’s speech is united within him prior to it being spoken applies also regarding G-d, however by G-d it applies even after the words are spoken. The thought and speech of G-d is united with His essence in an absolute unity even after His words of speech have been expressed within the creation of the worlds. In fact, His speech is united with Him after it was spoken to the same extent that it was united with Him prior to it being spoken and there is no change at all in front of G-d regarding this matter.
  1. The change is only in the eyes of the creations:
  • It is only in the eyes of the creations who receive the Divine energy from G-d’s speech that a change is felt from before the words were spoken to afterwards.
  • The speech of G-d entails contractions and dilution of the original Divine energy: The words of speech of G-d affects that the Divine energy be able to become invested within the creations to enliven them. To do so, the energy must go through a chain descent from level to level, which incorporates many contractions of different qualities and quantities, until finally the creations are able to receive this diluted Divine energy in order to be created and not be nullified in their existence to a revelation of G-d that is greater than their capacity.

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