Daily Tanya Sunday 19th Teves: Chapter 12-Begining-The Beinoni

(LY) 19th Teves

1.      The definition of the Beinoni-A person who never sins:

  • Never sins: A Beinoni is an individual whose evil never overcomes him to the point that his evil conquers the small city, which is his body, to cause it to sin.
  • The three Levushim of the animal soul are not allowed expression in the body: This means that the three garments of the animal soul which are thought, speech and action that derive from impurity, never overpower the G-dly soul, and thus never come to expression in one’s mind, or mouth, or 248 bodily limbs to cause it to sin and defile it.
  • Only the three garments of the G-dly soul are expressed in the body: Rather, the three garments of the G-dly soul are the sole dominant force within the body which is allowed expression through one’s thought, speech, and action of the 613 commands.
  • Beinoni has never sinned and will never sin and has never been called a Rasha all his days: The Beinoni is an individual who has never transgressed a sin in the past [as even if he has transgressed in the past he has completely repented and is like a new person] and [in his present situation] will never [be tempted to] transgress a sin in the future. The Beinoni has never been called a Rasha even for one moment throughout all of his days.

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