Daily Tanya Thursday 16th Teves: Chapter 10-Middle-The struggels of the Tzadik Vera Lo nad the myriads of such Tzadikim

(LY) 16th Teves

3.       The spiritual deficiencies of the incomplete Tzadik:

  • Based on the above definition of a complete Tzadik, we can now understand a little deeper the spiritual deficiencies found in the incomplete Tzadik.
  • Does not completely hate or despise evil: The incomplete Tzadik does not hate the side of evil to the utmost extreme and it is for this reason that he also does not utterly abhor evil.
  • Retains some desire for physical pleasure: The fact that the incomplete Tzadik does not completely hate and despise evil, serves as a sign that he still retains some love and pleasure for matters of the physical world, and he has not fully removed the filthy garments that the evil within him uses, to the fullest without leaving any remnant.
  • Does not transform all of his evil to good: It is likewise for this reason that not all of the evil that is in the heart of the incomplete Tzadik is transformed to actual good, being that he still has a grasp on the filthy garments of evil.
  • The evil is not felt by the Tzadik-Vera Lo: Nonetheless, as stated earlier, this evil that remains finds no expression being that it is completely nullified due to its minority state and is as if it does not exist. It is for this reason that he is called a Tzadik “Vera Lo/that the evil is his”, as the evil within him is in truth subservient and nullified to him.
  • Does not love G-d to the fullest-Eino Gamur: Being that the incomplete Tzadik still retains some evil within him, it is understood that his love for G-d is also not complete and is yet to reach its fullest potential. It is for this reason that this Tzadik is referred to by the term “an incomplete Tzadik”, being that his love for G-d is not complete.

4.       The many levels of incomplete Tzadikim:

  • Being that an incomplete Tzadik retains some evil, there in truth exists myriads of levels of such Tzadikim, which is based on the amount of evil that remains within them.
  • The type of evil that remains: Aside for there being a difference in the amount of evil remaining within two different incomplete Tzadikim, there may also be a difference in the type of evil that remains, as to from which of the four elements of evil the evil still remains in.
  • The amount of evil that remains: Furthermore, there may be a difference between two different incomplete Tzadikim as to the amount of evil that remains within them. In one Tzadik, his evil may be of such a high amount that it is only nullified to his good in a ratio of 1:60, while by another Tzadik his evil may be of such a small amount that it is nullified to his good in a ratio of 1:1000 or 10,000, and so on and so forth.
  • The many incomplete Tzadikim found in each generation: It is these various types of incomplete Tzadikim that are found in great quantity within every generation, as the Talmud states that there are 18,000 Tzadikim that stand before G-d.
  • The few complete Tzadikim found in his generation: The above is in contrast to the complete Tzadik of which very few of them are found in each generation, as Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai states that he has seen very few “Bnei Aliyah,” which refers to the complete Tzadik.

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