Daily Tanya Thursday, 2nd Teves: Chapter 4-How the Jew is completely bound to G-d when learning Torah and doing Mitzvos


(LY) 2nd Teves

3.       The descent of the Torah below is like water:

  • The Torah is compared to water. The reason for this is because just as water travels downwards from a higher elevation to a lower elevation, so too the Torah descended from its original place of glory, which is the pure will and wisdom of G-d, which is not comprehensible by creations, to below into a spectrum of comprehension.
  • The journeys of the Torah to receive a connotation of physical Mitzvah’s: To reach this level of comprehension by creation, the Torah had to travel from its original state and descend through various mystical levels, one after the other, until it finally was able to become invested within physical matters and the dealings of this world, which make up majority, if not all, of the content of all of the Mitzvah’s of the Torah and their laws.
  • The journey of the Torah into Tanach: This travel was also necessary in order to invest the original Torah and will and wisdom of G-d within the physical letters of ink that are written in a Torah scroll and the 24 books of Tanach, in order so every mind can comprehend it.
  • Speech and action: As a result of the above descents and journeys of the Torah, it became possible for even the speech and action of man which is much lower than the level of thought to grasp the Torah and G-d.

4.       How the Jew is completely bound to G-d when learning Torah and doing Mitzvos

  • As a result of the fact that the Torah descended to a level that it can be grasped by the 10 aspects of the soul and all of the 613 limbs, from its head to its feet, it is possible for the entire soul to be bound with G-d himself, and for the literal light of G-d to encompass the soul from its head until its feet.

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