Daily Tanya Tuesday 20th Shevat: Middle of Chapter 23: Mitzvahs, and the G-dly soul, and limbs of the body, are nullified to the will of G-d

(LY) 20th Shevat

  • Power of action of G-dly soul is nullified to the will of G-d: The external garment of the G-dly soul of a person, which refers to its power of action which does and fulfills the Mitzvah, is also nullified to the Divine will. The reason for this is because at the time that one fulfills the Mitzvah he invests his power of action of his G-dly soul within the energy of the action of the Mitzvah. Consequently, this causes that also his power of action of his G-dly soul become a body for the soul which is the Divine will and is completely nullified to it.
  • Limbs of the body become a chariot for the Divine will: Accordingly, it is found that also the physical limb of the person which fulfills the Mitzvah, in which the power of action of the G-dly soul is invested during the fulfillment of the Mitzvah, becomes an actual chariot for the Divine will. For example, when the hand distributes charity to a pauper, or performs another Mitzvah, and when the feet walk to fulfill a Mitzvah, and when the mouth and tongue speaks words of Torah, and when the brain thinks words of Torah and of fear of heaven and the greatness of G-d, then these limbs become a chariot for G-d’s Divine will.
  • The patriarchs are chariots of G-d: It is due to the above that the sages described our forefathers as being a chariot for G-d, as all of their lives were completely holy and sanctified for the sake of fulfilling G-d’s will and separated from all mundane matters of this world.

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