Daily Tanya Wednesday, 1st Teves: Chapter 4: The Levushim are higher than the G-dly soul


(LY) 1st Teves

1.       The Levushim are higher than the G-dly soul:

  • Although the three garments of thought, speech, and action of Torah are referred to as mere garments of the G-dly soul, in truth they are infinitely higher than the G-dly soul itself.
  • G-d and His Torah are One: The reason for this is because G-d is one with His Torah, as the Torah is the will and wisdom of G-d with which G-d is united, as explained above in chapter 2.

2.       The descent of the infinite light of G-d into the Torah:

  • Humility: Although G-d himself is infinite, as well as His will and wisdom, and thus His greatness is unfathomable, He chose to humble Himself into a tangible level of greatness which give creations the ability to grasp His will and wisdom.
  • Contractions: This was accomplished through contractions of His will and wisdom until it formed the 613 commands of the Torah and its details, as well as the words of Tanach and all of their teachings.

3.       The ability to unite with G-d as a result of the above descent:

  • Human comprehension: The purpose of this descent and contraction is to enable the souls that are within the body of every person to comprehend and fulfill G-d’s will and wisdom in thought speech and action, each person in accordance with his capability and potential.
  • Unity with G-d: Through doing so, the soul will be able to invest all of its 10 soul aspects and its three soul garments within the will and wisdom of G-d and hence become united with G-d. 

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