Daily Tanya Wednesday 21st Shevat: Middle of Chapter 23: The unity of the G-dly soul with the Divine will during Torah learning

(LY) 21st Shevat

  1. The unity of the G-dly soul with the Divine will during Torah learning:
  • An absolute unity and not just a mere chariot: One’s thoughts and contemplations of words of Torah in one’s mind, as well as one’s speech of Torah with one’s mouth, are considered the inner garments of the G-dly soul, and during the fulfillment of the Mitzvah of Torah study are all actually united in an absolute unity with the Divine will and are not just a mere chariot for the Divine will. It goes without saying that this applies to the G-dly soul itself.
  • G-d’s will found in Jewish law: The reason for this is because the will of G-d is the actual Jewish law that one is contemplating in one’s mind and that one is speaking about. All of the laws in Judaism are considered channels of the inner Divine will of G-d, as all of the laws are the Divine will which decided whether something be permitted or Kosher, or exempt and forbidden and the like.
  • The words of Tanach: All of the words of Tanach are also channels of the Divine will and wisdom which are united with the infinite light of G-d with an absolute unity, as He is the knower and the knowledge.
  • A greater unity than Mitzvahs: It is for this reason that the sages state that the Torah and G-d are all one and do not refer to the Torah as merely the limbs of the king as Mitzvahs are referred to.

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