Daily Tanya Wednesday 28th Shevat: Middle of Chapter 25-Asei Tov-Actively serving G-d through fulfilling the commands as a result of the inner love

(LY) 28th Shevat

  • In addition, the evil inclination comes up with various battles and arguments to cool a person from performing a Mitzvah, such as not to give up too much of his money for charity, or for the performance of another Mitzvah.
  • Health arguments: Likewise, the inclination tells the person not to exert too much energy in Mitzvahs and service of G-d in order not to ruin his health.
  • It is very easily attainable to overcome these arguments: Regarding all of these various arguments of the evil inclination which prevent a person from serving G-d properly, it is very easily attainable for a person to overcome them through contemplating the fact that to overcome the inclination in this matter, and in even more difficult matters, and to do their exact opposite, is much lighter of a suffering than the suffering of death, may G-d save us. Now, a Jew is happily willing to suffer the pains of death, may G-d save us, in order not to be separated from the unity of G-d for even one moment, such as to prostrate oneself to idolatry, heaven forbid. Certainly then a Jew should willingly accept with love the overcoming of his inclination for laziness, in order to push himself to serve G-d with all his might, in order to eternally attach to G-d.
  • Serving G-d, attaches one to Him: When a person performs the will of G-d through his Divine service, the inner and supernal will of G-d becomes revealed within him in an internal and conscious manner without any concealment at all. Now, when there is no concealment on the supernal will of G-d, then there is nothing that is separate from G-d at all, to be considered a separate entity. Accordingly, this revelation of the inner will of G-d causes the G-dly soul and animal soul and all of its garments to become completely united in the ultimate unity with the supernal will and infinite light of G-d [and there is hence no longer anything separating at all between the person and G-d, and he is no longer considered a separate entity from G-d, and has hence reached the ultimate unity with Hashem].

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