Daily Tanya Wednesday 7th Shevat: Start of Chapter 18: Easily serving G-d through one’s power of Mesirus Nefesh

Chapter 18: Easily serving G-d through one’s power of Mesirus Nefesh

(LY) 7th Shevat

1.       Understanding the term “very much”:

  • To further understand the term “very” that is used in the verse which states that is “very easy” for the individual to serve G-d we must introduce the following points.


2.       The easy service of G-d for a Jew who can’t even arouse a conclusion to love G-d:

  • Intellectually challenged: Every person should be fully aware and truly believe that even if he is intellectually challenged and his mind does not contain the intellectual capacity to comprehend the knowledge of G-d, that even he can very easily serve G-d.
  • Emotionally challenged: Even if he does not have the heart to feel and comprehend the greatness of the infinite G-d to be able to arouse from the contemplation not even an intellectual fear and love of G-d, which is a conclusion in the heart and mind that he should love G-d, nonetheless, even for him service of G-d is very easily attainable, for him to guard and fulfill all the Mitzvahs of the Torah, and to study Torah with his mouth which corresponds to all the other Mitzvahs.
  • Serving G-d with the hidden love: Even he can serve G-d with his heart, with the depths of his heart and with absolute truth, with fear and love of G-d, through accessing the hidden love found in the heart of the general souls of Israel.
  • An inheritance: This hidden love is an inheritance from our forefathers.
  1. Understanding the hidden love:
  • Understanding its root: In order to understand how to access the hidden love found within the heart of every Jew which is an inheritance from our forefathers, we must first explain and introduce the root of this love and its purpose.
  • Understanding its inheritance: Likewise, we need to explain how and why this love is an inheritance for us from our forefathers.
  • Understanding how it includes fear: Likewise, it remains to be understood how fear is also included within this love [as stated above, that due to this love it is very easily attainable for even the intellectually and emotionally challenged Jew to achieve a love and a fear of G-d, how then is this the case].

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