Daily Tanya Wednesday, 8th Teves: Chapter 7-Kelipas Nogah versus Gimel Kelipos Hatmeios

Chapter 7: Kelipas Nogah versus Gimel Kelipos Hatmeios

(LY) 8th Teves

1.       Items that come from Kelipas Nogah:

The following is a list of items that derive from the higher level of evil which contains some good and is known as Kelipas Noga:

  • Animal soul of Jew: The animal soul of the Jewish people which is invested in their blood.
  • Kosher animals: The souls of Kosher animals, birds, and fish which are permitted to be consumed.
  • Kosher vegetation: The existence and energy of all inanimate and vegetative items which are permitted to be consumed.
  • Thought speech and action not for the sake of heaven: The thought, speech, and action, of worldly matters that do not contain any remnant of prohibition within the 365 negative commands, whether Biblical or Rabbinical. If such thought, speech, and action of worldly matters is not done for the sake of heaven but is simply done due to the will and lust of the body, then they derive from this higher level of evil known as Kelipas Noga. Even if such matters are performed and entertained for the sake of enlivening the body and caring for its health, if this is not intended to be done for the sake of heaven to serve G-d with one’s body, then such thought speech and action is no better than the animal soul itself which derives from Kelipas Noga.

2.       What is Kelipas Noga?

  • All of the above-mentioned items derive and receive their energy and life force from Kelipas Noga.
  • Second level: Kelipas Noga is the second level of Kelipos and Sitra Achra.
  • Fourth Kelipa: Kelipas Noga is considered the fourth Kelipa.
  • Only a little good: In this physical world, the vast majority of Kelipas Noga is made up of evil and only contains a minuscule amount of good within it.
  • From the good comes the good traits: From this minuscule amount of good that is found within Kelipas Noga derives all of the good traits found in the animal soul of Jewish people.
  • Is medium between Kedusha and complete evil: Kelipas Noga serves as the medium between the three completely unclean Kelipos and the level of holiness.
  • Ability to ascend to holiness and descend to complete evil: As a result of Kelipas Noga serving as a medium between holiness and complete evil, on occasion it descends into the level of complete evil and is incorporated within it. Likewise, on occasion it is elevated and incorporated within holiness. This occurs when the good that is within it becomes refined from its evil and overcomes it and is then elevated to holiness.

3.       Examples of elevating Kelipas Nogah to Kedusha:

  • Eating Lisheim Shamayim: For example, one who eats fatty ox meat, and drinks pleasurable wine for the sake of widening his intellectual capability to comprehend G-d and his Torah, is considered to have elevated it towards holiness.
  • Eating on Shabbos for Oneg Shabbos: Likewise, one who eats on Shabbos and Yom Tov for the sake of fulfilling the Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos and Yom Tov, elevates the food towards holiness.
  • Energy of Kelipas Noga is elevated: Specifically, the energy from the level of Kelipas Noga that is inside the meat and wine is elevated to G-d like a sacrifice and offering.
  • Saying jokes for service of G-d: Likewise, one who says a joke or anecdote for the sake of widening one’s mind’s intellectual capabilities, and to help rejoice one’s heart in service of G-d and the study of His Torah which must be done with joy, then he elevates this joke and anecdote towards holiness. This indeed was practiced by the famous Sage Rava, as he was accustomed to say a joke before his students and cause them to chuckle prior to beginning the Torah lesson.

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