Drinking coffee brewed by a gentile such as coffee offered on a plane

May one drink coffee brewed by a gentile in a Kosher vessel with Kosher ingredients? Is coffee considered Bishul Akum?[1]

Kashrus of the coffee powder, and pot: Drinking coffee made by a gentile poses several Kashrus concerns such as a) Is the coffee powder Kosher? b) Was non-Kosher milk added to the coffee pot within the past 24 hours? c) Is the coffee pot washed in hot water together with non-Kosher ingredients and has it been washed within 24 hours of the current use? d) Bishul Akum; e) Drinking in a party of gentiles. Below we will address only the concern of Bishul Akum. In general, all non-flavored coffee is considered Kosher, and hence if one knows that the coffee pot is used only for plain coffee [no milk] and is washed alone without other utensils, then the only remaining concern is Bishul Akum. Some say that coffee pots on planes fulfill the above conditions, and hence its only remaining issue is of Bishul Akum, which will be addressed below.[2] However, others have testified of Kashrus concerns with the coffee pots.[3]

Bishul Akum: Some Poskim[4] rule it is permitted to drink coffee that is brewed by a gentile, and it does not contain the prohibition of Bishul Akum.[5] Other Poskim[6] rule it is forbidden to drink coffee that was brewed by a gentile due to the prohibition of Bishul Akum.[7] Furthermore, some Poskim[8] rule a Torah scholar is not to drink coffee cooked by a gentile, even if it is not prohibited due to Bishul Akum.[9] Other Poskim[10] however argue that it is not necessary today for a Torah scholar to be stringent in this matter. Practically, one who desires to be stringent, should be stringent upon himself, while one who desires to be lenient is not to be protested.[11]

Practical suggestion for airplane coffee:[12] In order to avoid any Kashrus issues, it is suggested that one use a disposable, or glass cup for one’s coffee, and likewise get hot water from the main tank, rather than the coffee served in the coffee pot.



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[2] Rav Heinman of Chof Kei and Rav Belski of OU allows drinking plane coffee.

[3] In one case the flight attendant admitted to heating bacon in the pot and then washing it out for use for the coffee; In another case they said they randomly switch off pots used with milk.

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[7] The reason: As coffee is not viewed as plain water, and it is fit to be brought to a kings table. Therefore, it shares all the prohibitions of Bishul Akum.  Thus, a Baal Nefesh should be stringent not to drink any coffee or tea made by a gentile. [Panim Meiros ibid]

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[12] Sefer Hakashrus Lehalacha p. 395

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