Erev Yom Kippur

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Erev Yom Kippur

  • Kaparos
  • Buy two 24-hour candles. One for the shul for married men and one for the house for Havdala.
  • Davening: No Tachanun/Avinu Malkeinu/Mizmor Lesoda in Shacharis
  • No Avinu Malkeinu even if falls on Erev Shabbos
  • Receive Lekach
  • Ask forgiveness from people that you hurt
  • Mitzvah to eat. Eat more than usual for one day
  • Breakfast: Wash, eat fish and dairy. Dip bread in honey.
  • Avoid eating throughout day: eggs; garlic; meat of animal; Sesame; Tehina; Halva; Avoid dairy in afternoon.
  • Eat Kreplach
  • Malkus after midday, before Mikveh
  • Mikveh after Malkus prior to Mincha; check there is no Chatzitza; Cut nails of feet and hand; Remove knots from hair
  • Mincha: Daven Mincha in early afternoon; Wear Shabbos clothing for Mincha; Place charity on plates in Shul before Mincha; If falls on Erev Shabbos recite Hodu and Patach Eliyahu; Recite Viduiy in Mincha
  • Place Shabbos tablecloths on tables in house and Shul
  • Read Haftorah of Yom Kippur
  • Seudas Hamfsekes: Dip bread in honey; Avoid dairy; Some eat fish while some avoid; Avoid spicy foods; Avoid salt. Eat Kreplach.
  • Make Tnaiy before Bentch that does not intend to accept fast until sunset.
  • Birchas Habanim.
  • Tosefes Yom Kippur
  • Prepare 24-hour candle in home for Havdala
  • Prepare 24-hour candle in Shul if married man
  • Prepare drinking and eating Shiurim if suspect may need to breakfast for medical emergency
  • Leave a night light on in couple’s bedroom
  • Light Yizkor candle if needed
  • Remove leather shoes before candle lighting
  • Candle lighting: Recite blessing of L’hadlik Neir Shel Yom Hakippurim. If Yom Kippur coincides with Shabbos, then one says L’hadlik Neir Shel Shabbos Veshel Yom Hakippurim. One then recites Shehechiyanu.
  • Place on Kittel
  • Place on Tallis with blessing before sunset
  • Recite Viduiy by sunset
  • Recite Tehillim before Kol Nidrei
  • Bring a Shofar to Shul [if one is the Baal Tokeia]




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