From the Rav’s Desk: 1) Replacing your Zabla judge; 2) Bnei Bris in Bentching

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 16th Kisleiv 5781]

I have a monetary dispute with a friend, and we decided to take her to a Zabla Beis Din. After I chose my judge I had a change of heart and would like to choose someone else instead. May I do so?


It depends on what stage of progress you’re in, in the court case. Once the arbitration document has been written and signed by the two sides, or a Kinyan has already been made, then one can no longer retract and replace his chosen judge. Prior to this point, you may.

Sources: See Michaber and Rama C.M. 13:2; Tur 13; Bava Metzia 20a

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 16th Kisleiv 5781]

I work in an office with goyim and would like to know what I should say in Bentching when it comes to the parentheses (Bnei Bris) by the Harachaman’s. Should I say it because there are Gentiles around or should I not say it being that we’re not eating together?



You are to recite Bnei Bris whenever there other Gentiles in the room irrelevant of whether they have joined you for your meal.

Sources: See Admur 189:4; Siddur Admur; M”A 189:1; Taz Y.D. 232:14; Kol Bo 25; Mateh Moshe 335; Kaf Hachaim 189:8-9; Piskeiy Teshuvos 189:4

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