From the Rav’s Desk: 1) Washing stockings on Chol Hamoed 2) Noticed a tiny Hole in Esrog; 3) Did not leave a Tefach of spine of Lulav above Hadasim

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 17th Tishrei, 5781]

May I wash my Yom Tov/Shabbos stockings during Chol Hamoed if I only own a few pairs and I change them daily?




Explanation: It is permitted to launder on Chol Hamoed those clothing that are changed on a daily basis such as undergarments, and certainly stockings would be included in this allowance. Now, although one can argue that since one can simply wear weekday socks and stockings that there is therefore no allowance to launder one’s Shabbos stockings, practically, since the law and custom is to wear Shabbos clothing during Chol Hamoed, therefore it is permitted to be laundered.

Sources: See regarding doing laundry to clothing that are changed daily: Michaber 534:1 regarding hand towels, as explained in the Tur 534 and M”A 534:2 that this applies being that these clothing are changed daily, and thus it applies even if one has many clothing of that type that became dirty during Chol Hamoed; Elya Raba 534:1; Chayeh Adam 110:2; M”B 534:4; Kaf Hachaim 534:4; Beir Moshe 7:10 that this applies to all clothing that are changed daily in one’s current society; See regarding wearing Shabbos clothing on Chol Hamoed: M”A 530:1; M”B 530:1

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 17th Tishrei, 5781]

After shaking Lulav in the morning I noticed a tiny black spot on my Esrog. After close examination of my Esrog I discovered that what appeared to be a black spot, in truth is a hole in the Esrog. The hole is found on the top part of the Esrog, in the area called the Chotem. Is my Esrog kosher? The hole is very small and is not very deep.


Your Esrog remains kosher even initially.


Explanation: The only time a hole in a Esrog can invalidate it is if either in actual piece of the white rind of the Esrog is missing, or if the hole is the size of an Issur, or if it reaches the seed box. In such a case, it is only invalidated if one knows for certain that it is missing a piece or that it reaches the need the box. Thus, in the above case in which it was unclear

Sources: See Admur 648:3-10

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 17th Tishrei, 5781]

I did not pay attention when I set up my Lulav to leave a Tefach of space of the spine of the Lulav above the Hadasim and Aravos? I only noticed after I already shook it with the blessing. The Hadasim and Aravos reached way above the spine. I would like to know if I fulfilled my obligation and if I should shake again a different Lulav and if there’s any way I can fix this on Yom Tov?


You should shake again without a blessing. The only way to fix this issue on Yom Tov is to lower the Hadasim and Aravos below the Lulav. However, on Chol Hamoed one should simply cut the Hadasim and Aravos on their bottom in order to lower it and leave a Tefach of Lulav spine.


Explanation: It is disputed amongst Poskim as to whether one is required to leave a Tefach of space by the spine of the will of above the Hadasim and Aravos, and although we rule stringently regarding this, nonetheless, it is disputed whether this is an invalidating requirement or is simply an initial request. Practically, from the wording of Admur who gives a severe warning to be careful in this and equates it with the law of the minimum length of the Lulav, it can be understood that this is an actual requirement that invalidates the Mitzvah if not adhered to. Now, although many Rabbanim suggest that the entire requirement is only to have a Tefach of spine above the area of binding of the Hadasim and Aravos in which it is bound with the rings, it is implied from Admur that this does not suffice, and hence we concluded above that one should shake again without a blessing. Now, regarding if lowering the Hadasim and Aravos indeed helps, this matter is discussed in the Poskim and practically is valid, and seemingly is the only option available on Chol Hamoed, being that cutting it may involve the prohibition of Tikkun Keli.

Sources: See regarding leaving a Tefach of spine: Admur 650:1 “In order so the spine of Lulav extends one Tefach above the Hadasim and Aravos for the sake of shaking”; 650:2 “As long as the spine of the Lulav extends above the Aguda one Tefach for the sake of shaking”; 651:11 “One must be very careful that the spine of the Lulav extends above the upper binding [i.e. Lulav ring], one Tefach for the sake of shaking”; Michaber 650:2 in name of Yeish Mi Sheomer “Some opinions rule that even if the Hadasim and Aravos are very long, the spine of the Lulav must extend above them one Tefach”; Erech Hashulchan 650 that so is opinion of Michaber; Maharitz Geios Lulav 97; Ritva and Ran Sukkah 32b; Kol Bo; Orchos Chaim 5; Implication of Rambam and Mordechai, brought in Erech Hashulchan ibid; Taz 651:1; P”M 651 M”Z 1; Bikureiy Yaakov 651:6; M”B 651:14; See regarding Bedieved: Erech Hashulchan 650; Mateh Yehuda 650; Kaf Hachaim 650:9; Hamoadim Kehilchasam 12:2 footnote 3; Mayan Omer 3:17; Moriyah 262 p. 125; Koveitz Mikabtziel; Nitei Gavriel 8:5; 40 footnote 32; Teshuvah 5

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