From the Rav’s Desk: 1) Zoom Selichos? 2) Washing on Mezonos bread

  1. Question: [Sunday 24th Elul, 5780]

May I recite Selichos over a Zoom Minyan?



Yes, assuming what you mean by a Zoom Minyan. If there is a Kosher Minyan of ten Jews together in one physical area, then in such a case you may recite the Yud Gimel Midos Harachamim with the Minyan at the same time as they are reciting it. If, however, there is a number of seconds of delay between the “live” hookup and the actual events taking place, then you may not answer Amen to Kaddish. If there are not ten Jews in one area, then there is no Kosher Minyan even if ten Jews are on the zoom call and doing a virtual Minyan together, and the Yud Gimel Midos may not be said


Sources: See Admur 55:22; Yalkut Yosef Hilchos Rosh Hashanah footnote 7 for a great length on this subject; Birchas Aaron p. 242

  1. Question: [Monday 18th Elul, 5780]

Am I supposed to wash Netilas Yadayim prior to eating mezonos bread?



This depends on how much you eat, and if you are satiated from the eating. If you eat less than the amount of Kevius Seudah to make it Hamotzi, then just like the blessing is Mezonos and Al Hamichya, so too there is no need to wash. One is dependent on the other, whenever one eats a small amount that its blessing is Mezonos, no washing is required, and whenever one eats enough to say Hamotzi, washing is required.


Sources: Seder Netilas Yadayim 19; Seder Birchas Hanehnin 2:2; Admur 158:1; Michaber 158:1; Rashba Toras Habayis; Taz and M”A 158:2

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