From the Rav’s Desk: Celebrating the day of one’s Bris

  1. Question: [Monday, 20th MarCheshvan, 5783]

Someone invited me to his home to celebrate his Bris. At first I laughed at him and thought he was joking as he had a Bris decades ago, but he said that he was serious and that he has a family custom to celebrate each year the day of his Bris Mila. Do you know of any source for this custom?


Indeed, this is a custom recorded in Sefarim to be followed by some communities, to make a celebratory meal each year on the day in which they had their Bris. The Ben Ish Chaiy records this custom and writes that it is a good custom and he is very fond of it although he personally does not follow it in his family. Nonetheless, he is accustomed annually on the day of his Bris to say a short prayer to Hashem mentioning the fact that he entered the Bris of Abraham Avinu on this day.

Sources: See Ben Ish Chaiy Parshas Reiy 17; Afrasakta Deanya 123 footnote 2 in name of Chasam Sofer

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