From the Rav’s Desk: Cooking and Barbecue in a Sukkah

  1. Question: [Sunday, 7th Tishreiy, 5782]

May I cook or barbecue in a Sukkah? I have a barbecue that is drilled into my Sukkah patio, may I leave it in the Sukkah and if so, may I use it to barbecue in the Sukkah?



No. You may not cook or barbecue in a Sukkah. Furthermore, if possible, the barbecue grill is to be removed from the Sukkah.

Explanation: From the letter of the law, it is permitted to enter pots and pans of food into a Sukkah for the sake of the meal. Nonetheless, once the meal has been completed, one is to remove the [dirty] pots, pans, and plates from the Sukkah, being that after their use they are considered repulsive [and it is belittling to the Sukkah to have them remain]. According to some opinions, leaving dirty pots and plates in a Sukkah can invalidate the Sukkah, and it is hence to be removed immediately after the meal is completed. Many Poskim record that the custom is not to enter pots and pans of food into a Sukkah at all even for the purpose of serving the food, and rather the food is serving in a dish a tray. Based on all this, we can also conclude regarding cooking in the Sukkah, that it is not to be done, and that furthermore, one is not to leave any cooking ware, such as a stove or oven in the Sukkah.


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