From the Rav’s Desk: How to do Shanyim Mikra when you are short on time

  1. Question: [Sunday, 1st Nissan, 5781]

This past Friday I got very busy and before I knew it there was no time before Shabbos to recite Shnayim Mikra. As you know this past Shabbos had two Parshiyos for a total of 214 verses, which was impossible for me to do during Shabbos due to all my other responsibilities. So my question is regarding if I can be lenient to only say the verses one time, or only say the Targum Unkelus.


While the established custom is to recite on erev Shabbos two times each verse and then recite Targum Unkelus on that verse, nonetheless, from the letter of the law it can be recited anytime until Mincha of Shabbos and one can count the Pesukim that he recited throughout the week during his Chumash-Chitas learning as part of his Shnayim Mikra obligation. Hence, one who learns the daily Chumash is from the letter of the law considered to have fulfilled the reading of Mikra [up to Shevi’i] one time and hence must only say the Mikra once with Targum [up to Shevi’i, while Shevii is said twice]. If he is accustomed to read each verse twice while learning, then he has to only make up the Targum.

In any case that one for whatever reason did not yet say Shnayim Mikra and he sees that he will be unable to finish doing so by Mincha of Shabbos, then he should follow the above letter of the law and make up whatever is missing after counting his weekday recital, rather than delay making it up until after Mincha.

Sources: See Admur 285:5-7

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