From the Rav’s Desk: I ate an egg from a meat Cholent am I Fleishig?

  1. Question: [Monday 19th MarCheshvan 5782]

I ate an egg from a Fleishig Chulent? Must I wait six hours before eating dairy? The egg was cooked in its shell.



Yes. You become Fleishig and must wait six hours prior to eating dairy even in the event that you only ate the egg itself and the egg was cooked in its shell which you removed prior to eating.

Explanation: Although the main reasons behind waiting six hours between meat and milk can be argued [as rules Michaber regarding Tavshil Shel Basar] to not be so applicable if you simply eat a food that was cooked with meat, as there is no meat that gets stuck between your teeth and the fat content is very low, nonetheless, since in the end of the day the person did intentionally consume meat flavor, therefore we rule that one must wait six hours even in such a case. This applies even by an egg that was cooked in its shell being that the flavor passes through the pores of the shell.

Sources: See regarding waiting six hours after eating an item cooked with meat: Michaber 89:2 [no need to wait]; Rama 89:3 that the custom is to wait six hours after Tavshil Shel Basar just like after meat itself; P”M 89 M”Z 1 that this applies even if one only chewed the food; Pischeiy Teshuvah 89:1 in name of Peri Megadim ibid; Levush 89 and Issur Viheter 40:7 in their understanding of Rashi that even chewing releases fat; Birkeiy Yosef Shiyurei Bracha 89:12; Zivcheiy Tzedek 89:4; Kaf Hachaim 89:3; See regarding the ability for eggs to absorb through their shell: Michaber 95:2  


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