From the Rav’s Desk: Kashrus of Torah scroll sewed in wrong order

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Kashrus of Torah scroll sewed in wrong order

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I was wondering what would be the law if a Torah scroll was sewed in the wrong order? For example, if the Sofer accidentally sewed a later page of parchment in an earlier area, would the Torah scroll remain kosher being that it has all the words and letters, or not.



Such a Torah scroll is not Kosher, as in order for a Torah scroll to be kosher all the words must appear in the correct order.



A most interesting question which is not explicitly addressed in the Talmud or Rishonim, is regarding the law of a Torah scroll which had its parchments sewed in the wrong order. This question was first addressed and in great length in the Sefer Chikrei Leiv, and although he debates the matter, his leaning approach is to invalidate the Torah scroll, as if the scroll cannot be read in the correct order it is as if some of it is missing.


Sources: Chikrei Leiv  3 Y.D. 122; Maaseh HaTorah 27:1a

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