From the Rav’s Desk: May women wear pajama pants?

  1. Question: [Sunday, 23rd Adar, 5781]

Are women allowed to wear pajamas with pants? Or only dresses?


It is permitted and even encouraged, for women and girls to wear women’s pajama pants under a nightgown while they are in the privacy of their bedroom. It should not be worn without a nightgown.

Explanation: In general, it is forbidden for women to wear pants due to both the both being immodest as well as due to the prohibition of a woman wearing a man’s garment. Now, regarding the latter prohibition we find within the Poskim various opinions as to when it applies, and if it applies to pants that are made specifically for females, and if it applies if it is worn under a garment, such as to protect from the cold, and is thus not visible, and practically the final directive on this subject is to be stringent with exception to the privacy of the bedroom when it is customary even amongst G-d fearing Jews to permit and even encourage girls to wear female pajama pants under a nightgown for the sake of extra modesty and or to protect from the cold.

Sources: See Avnei Tzedek Y.D 73

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