From the Rav’s Desk: Separating Maaser from inheritance money

  1. Question: [Monday, 25th Menachem Av 5781]

I recently inherited a sizable sum of money from a deceased relative. Do I have to separate Maaser from the inheritance money? He was an Orthodox Jew and I believe and assume that he already separated Maaser from the funds that he inherited to his heirs.



Yes, you must separate 10% for Maaser even from inheritance money as is the law by any other income. You may choose to donate the money to a Torah or charity institution in the name of your deceased relative.


Sources: See Sefer Hayirah 213 “Even if he found something or received a present”; Shlah Miseches Megillah 27 p. 262; Elya Raba 156:2 in end “We give Maaser from an inheritance even from one’s father”; Pischeiy Teshuvah 249:1; Shiyurei Bracha 249:3; Ahavas Chesed 2:18-3; See Igros Moshe 1:143; Maaser Kesafim 3:19; p. 35; Pesakim Uteshuvos ibidMishpat Utzedaka 5:5; Sefer Maaser Kesafim 3:5-6; Pesakim Uteshuvos 249:24

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