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Yes. Some are particular to place earth into the grave three times, while others do 5, 7 or 13 times.

See Mavor Yabok ibid [three times]; Nitei Gavriel 77:5

Yes. in some communities it is accustomed for women not to attend funerals at all.[1] This is the custom in Jerusalem[2], and Tzefat.[3] This is based on the ruling of the Zohar.[4] The Chabad custom is to allow women to attend a funeral, and one is not to be stringent in this matter.[5]


[1] Beis Hillel 359 in his understanding of Michaber 359:2; Mavor Yabok Sifsei Rinanos 10 that so is custom of some communities; Teshuvah Meahava 3:359; Nehar Mitzrayim 44; Eretz Chaim 359; See glosses of Beis Lechem Yehuda; Shevet Halevi 2:212; Nitei Gavriel 68:2

[2] So is the widespread custom today, Vetzaruch Iyun, as it is clear from Eretz Chaim ibid as well as Gesher Hachaim that women would attend the funeral.

[3] Eretz Chaim ibid in name of Vayikra Avraham p. 126 that “In Tzefas the custom is that the women do not attend the funeral at all, not in front of the body or behind it, and even the women who are standing outside enter their homes while the body is being carried.”

[4] Beis Hillel 359; See Halacha 4!

[5] Igros Kodesh 31 printed in Shulchan Menachem 5:265 in reply to Rav Ushpal’s suggestion of banning women from attending funerals that “This is not the custom in Chabad and that he should not enter such Chumros into Chabad”


The cremated ashes of a Jew do not require burial. If they are buried, they are not to be buried in the regular part of the cemetery [not even in the non-Shomer Shabbos section] and rather they are to be buried outside the cemetery fence.[1]

[1] Seridei Eish 2:123; Igros Moshe Y.D. 3:147; Nitei Gavriel ibid; See Gesher Hachaim 16:7

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