From the Rav’s Desk: Shaking a slushy bottle of juice on Shabbos

  1. Question: [Sunday 14th Elul 5781]

I entered a number of bottles of juice in the freezer before Shabbos and when I took it out of the freezer it was partially frozen. I would like to know if it’s permitted for me to shake the bottle on Shabbos in order to turn it into slush?



No. It is forbidden to make slush on Shabbos due to the Molid prohibition.

Explanation: It is forbidden to crush ice with one’s hands, meaning to break them into little pieces, in order so they dissolve into water. The reason for this is because doing so is similar to a forbidden action as it appears like he is creating these waters. This prohibition is formally known as Molid. Thus, if one froze a bottle of water or juice, it is forbidden to smash the bottle in order to break the ice and drink the liquid, and the same logic would apply to prohibit shaking the bottle to make slush. Now, although there is a dispute amongst Poskim if this restriction applies even when there is already liquid into which the ice melts into, practically, we rule stringently in this regard.

Sources: Admur 320:16 and 19; Michaber 320:9, 11; Shabbos 51b; Taz 320:7; Rashi Gemara ibid “The reason is because he is Molid Beshabbos”; Sefer Hateruma 234-235; Rosh 4:13; M”B 320:33

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