General fast day checklist & Summary

General laws:

  • One must be especially careful to avoid anger on a fast day
  • The fast begins at Alos Hashachar, which is approximately two fluctuating hours prior to sunrise.
  • Children are not to be given sweets and the like although one is not required to stop them from eating it if they are in the midst of doing so.]
  • On a public fast day one does not rinse his mouth in the morning. If however this is causing one discomfort he may be lenient to rinse his mouth.
  • One may brush ones teeth on a fast day if not doing so will cause one pain or discomfort it is allowed.
  • One may use mouthwash if not doing so will cause pain and discomfort.


The Davening:

  • The Chabad custom is to recite the Selichos within Tachanun, after Shemoneh Esrei of Shacharis.
  • Selichos is customarily recited while standing.
  • The Chabad custom is to omit the saying of Ashamnu within Selichos when it is recited within the prayers of Shacharis.
  • Selichos must be recited slowly and with concentration.
  • It is forbidden to recite the thirteen attributes without proper concentration.
  • The thirteen attributes are to be recited slowly and carefully.
  • The thirteen attributes are to be recited aloud.
  • The custom is to open the ark and stand for the saying of Shema Koleinu.
  • Avinu Malkeinu is recited after Selichos, prior to “Veanachnu Lo Neida”.
  • One continues straight to Veanchnu Lo Neida after Avinu Malkeinu and omits the short Avinu Malkeinu prayer normally recited prior to Veanachnu Lo Neida.
  • One does not say Keil Erech Apayim unless it is a Monday or Thursday.
  • The Torah portion of Vayichal is read during Shacharis.
  • The prayer of Aneinu is added during Mincha Shemoneh Esrei of a fast day. It is recited within the blessing of Shomeia Tefila, prior to the words “Ki Ata Shomeia”.
  • The Chazan recites Aneinu as a separate blessing between the blessings of Goal Yisrael and Rifaeinu. This applies during the Chazan’s repetition of both Shacharis and Mincha Shemoneh Esrei.



  • Prior to Mincha one is to give Igara Ditaanisa to charity.
  • The Torah portion of Vayichal is read during Mincha. This is followed by the reading of the Haftorah.
  • After the reading of the Haftorah, Yehalelu is recited and the Torah is returned to the Aron. This is then followed by half Kaddish.
  • During Shemoneh Esrei of Mincha Aneinu is recited, as stated in the previous Halacha.
  • The Chazan recites Birchas Kohanim in his repetition of Shemoneh Esrei of Mincha. Those places which are not accustomed to do Birchas Kohanim recite Elokeinu during the Chazan’s repetition.
  • Tachanun and Avinu Malkeinu are recited during Mincha of a fast day.

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