1. The Biblical Melachos

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1. The Biblical Melachos:[1]

It is Biblically forbidden to perform any of the following Melachos during [Biblical] Shemitah:

  1. Seeding [Zeria]
  2. Harvesting [Ketzira or Betzira]
  3. Pruning [Zemira]
  4. Plowing[2] [Charisha]
  5. Planting[3] [Netia]


[1] Rambam 1/2; Derech Emunah 10

[2] Rashi and Tosafos in a number of areas; Derech Emunah ibid; Toras Hashemitah 1; See Chazon Ish 17/1

This is a Halacha of Moshe from Sinai. [Derech Emunah ibid]

[3] Rambam 1/4 writes it in list of the Melachas that don’t receive Malkus, however its explained that nevertheless it is a Biblical Melacha. [Rashas 24b; Chazon Ish 17/20]

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