1. Tzom Gedalia

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1. Tzom Gedalia:[1]

The day after Rosh Hashanah, which is the 3rd of Tishrei, is a public fast day [called Tzom Gedalia].[2] One is required to fast on this day due to the tragedies that occurred during this time.[3] [This fast is mentioned explicitly in scripture [Zecharia 8] as the “Seventh fast”. The seventh fast refers to the fast of the 3rd of Tishrei which is in the seventh month.[4]]

What occurred on the 3rd of Tishrei:[5] On the 3rd of Tishrei Gedalia Ben Achikam, which was the general and head of the Jewish people after the Churban of the first Temple, was assassinated. This led to the final stage of the destruction, and disp….ersion and murder of our people.

Announcing the fast the Shabbos before:[6] It is not the Ashkenazi custom to announce the fast of Gedalia the Shabbos before the fast.



When was Gedalia murdered?[7]

It is implied from the classical sources that Gedalia passed away on the 3rd of Tishrei. However some Rishonim[8] learn that he was actually assassinated on Rosh Hashanah, however due to the holiday the fast was delayed until the 3rd of the month, which is the day following R”H.

The purpose of a fast day:[9]

The purpose of a fast day is to arouse the hearts in true repentance after contemplating the suffering we experienced due to our evil ways. Thus, each person is to do an accounting of his soul during this time.


Avoiding anger:[10]

One must be especially careful to avoid anger on a fast day.


Speaking less and avoiding laughter:[11]

One is to diminish conversation on a fast day, and is certainly to avoid laughter.


Lamenting the tragedies:[12]

One is to lament the tragedies that occurred on that day, for which he is fasting, and not let the fast become like a routine day with simple avoidance of eating.



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Background: The Michaber ibid rules that the Shabbos prior to a fast the Chazan should announce the coming fast, with exception to the fasts of Yom Kippur, Tishe Beav and the fast of Esther. The Rama writes that the Ashkenazi custom is to not announce any fast.

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