12. Perspiring on Shabbos in a bathhouse

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12. Perspiring on Shabbos in a bathhouse:[1]

Entering a steam room: The Sages forbade one to enter a bathhouse even in order to merely perspire [one’s body].

The reason for this is:[2] due to the transgressors who would bathe themselves in hot water and claim that they were just perspiring.

To pass by a steam room: [Furthermore] there are opinions[3] which say that even to walk past a bathhouse by an area where one is able[4] to perspire is forbidden even though he has no intention to perspire.

Summary- Perspiring on Shabbos in a bathhouse:[5]

Is forbidden. Some even forbid walking by an area that will cause one to perspire even if he has no intention to do so.



May one enter a Mikveh in which he knows that its heat will cause him to perspire?[6]

No. Thus, if due to the heat of the Mikveh room one will perspire upon staying there for a long time, he must dress quick enough after leaving the Mikveh water to prevent perspiration. Nonetheless, women who go to Mikveh on Friday night may be lenient in this matter if necessary.

May one enter a bathhouse in which he will sweat if he is wearing his clothing?

Some Poskim[7] rule it is permitted to do so.

May one enter an area in order to sweat if it is not a bathhouse?[8]



May one use a Sauna on Shabbos?

If the sauna is in a bathing area, then it is certainly forbidden to use it. If, however, it is not in a bathing area then this matter requires further analysis.[10] Practically, one is not to enter a sauna on Shabbos, even a dry sauna.[11]


May one take a suntan on Shabbos?

Doing so does not contain a sweating prohibition being that the sweating prohibition is only relevant when it is caused by hot water, as in that case the Sages feared that one may bathe and merely claim that he is sweating. However, if there is no water involved then mere sweating is permitted, as Admur ruled earlier regarding sweating in the Tiberius springs which is allowed.[12] Nevertheless there are other possible prohibitions involved in sun tanning and practically it is disputed amongst Poskim if it is allowed. See the next section “The Laws of Smearing Oil”!

May one leave a humidifier on in his room throughout Shabbos in order to sweat?[13]

Yes, as stated in the previous Q&A!

May one wear many layers of clothing in order to sweat?[14]



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