2. Blessing

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2. Blessing: [1]

Although the blowing of the Shofar during Musaf is a Rabbinical command, nevertheless one does not recite a blessing prior to sounding them despite that a blessing is usually made over every Rabbinical Mitzvah.[2] [Nevertheless if for whatever reason the congregation did not blow the Shofar before Musaf and is hence fulfilling the Mitzvah for the first time during Musaf then a blessing must be recited prior to commencing the Musaf blowing.[3]]


[1] 592/7

[2] The reason for this is because these blows are included, and hence exempted, within the blessing said over the blows of Meyushav. However as a result of this inclusion within the original blessing one must be careful not to talk between the two sets of blows, as will be explained next. [ibid]

[3] Erech Hashulchan 592/7; Kaf Hachaim 592/23


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