2. Spreading a cloth over an open bottle

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2. Spreading a cloth over an open bottle:[1]

Over a bottle of clear liquid: It is forbidden to spread a cloth over a barrel of water[2] in order to cover it, as it may get wet from the water, and one will then come to squeeze it and be liable for [the] whitening [prohibition].[3] [One may also not place a wet vessel on top of the cloth.[4]]

A cloth designated for covering: However, a cloth which is designated to be used to spread over the [opening of the barrel] is permitted [to be spread] being that one has no care to squeeze it if it gets wet as it is designated for this purpose.

Over a bottle of colored liquid:[5] However it is permitted to spread a cloth over a barrel of red wine or of oil or beer and other beverages of the sort [which are not clear].

Initially dipping a cloth in colored liquids:[6] Furthermore, it is even permitted to initially soak the cloths in these liquids with one’s hands such as to filter colored liquids over this cloth.

The reason for this is:[7] because the [prohibition of] whitening only applies with water and white wine[8] and the like.

The reason that we do not decree against initially soaking the cloth in even colored liquids due to that  one may come to squeeze it: Therefore the [Sages] did not decree against soaking a cloth in liquids which do not whiten due to a decree that one may come to squeeze it and be liable for “detaching”, as one is only liable if he needs the liquids being squeezed, of which there is no remote suspicion [here] that one may squeeze the cloth for the sake of the liquids that will come out from it being that [these liquids] are not of any significance and it is not at all common to do this.           


Spreading a cloth over an open bottle:

A bottle containing white liquid: Is Rabbinically forbidden to be covered unless the cloth is designated for this purpose in which case it is allowed.

A bottle containing colored liquid: Is permitted to be covered.


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