The question of the wise son

The question of the wise son:[1]

The Torah[2] states that the wise son asks “What are these laws that our G-d has commanded you.” And is to be answered that Hashem took us out of Egypt and commanded us these laws for our benefit. It is understood from the question that this son is unaware of the laws of the Torah and why we keep them. If so, why is this son called wise at all? In truth the wise son is addressing a deep issue relating to the affect of our Mitzvos. He is fully aware of the concept of Mitzvos and that we must keep them. He however is asking how physical Mitzvos have the power to draw down G-dliness, in contrast to the Avod who draw down G-dliness through their spiritual Avoda. The father replies to his son that through the servitude in Egypt we merited to receive the Torah on Sinai, which gave us the power to draw down G-dliness through performing physical Mitzvos.



[1] Mamar Ki Yishalcha Bincha of Admur Haemtzai Vayikra 1/57; Yud Alef Nissan 5738 [printed in Melukat 4/213]

[2] Vaeschanan 6/20

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