8. From where in a Shul should the Shofar be blown

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8. From where in a Shul should the Shofar be blown: [1]

It is customary to blow the Shofar from the Bima of the shul on which the Torah scroll is read.[2]

Tekios of Musaf:[3] The Tekios of Musaf do not have to be sounded from the Bima. Rather the Baal Tokeia can stay in his place and blow.[4]


[1] 585/3; 592/9; Rama 585/1

[2] The reason: This is done out of respect for the congregation. [592/9] Alternatively it is done to remind us that the Torah was given with the sound of a Shofar. [Yifei Laleiv 2/1] Alternatively it is done in order so the Torah stands for our merit. [M”B 585/3] Alternatively it is done because the Shechina resides by the Torah, or in order to remind Hashem of our merit that we accepted the Torah. [Kaf Hachaim 585/8]

[3] 592/9; Darkei Moshe 585/1; M”A 592/6

[4] The reason: Since the Tekios of Musaf are recited during the prayer we therefore do not trouble him to walk to the Bima. [Admur ibid]


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