8. Giving Shemitah produce to a gentile

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8. Giving Shemitah produce to a gentile:[1]

It is forbidden to give Shemitah produce to a gentile.[2]

May one offer a gentile in one’s home Shemitah food to eat?[3]Yes.



May one give Shemitah produce to one who will not treat it with Kedushas Sheviis?

This matter requires further analysis.


[1] Rambam 5/13; Sifra Behar 1/7

[2] This is learned from the verse “Lachem Leachlah” and not for others to eat.

[3] Tosefta Sheviis 5/14; Rambam 5/13 “One may feed the guests from fruits of Sheviis”

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