A cookbook

May one read a cookbook?[1]

It is permitted to read it for mere enjoyment, as it is common for women to enjoy reading different ideas of recipes.[2] However it is forbidden to be read as a preparation for preparing a meal in the coming days.[3]

[1] Beir Moshe 6/67

[2] As a) One can view recipes as a matter of wisdom in cooking, and matters of wisdom are permitted to read on Shabbos in accordance to the custom.  [Rav SZ”A in SSH”K 29 footnote 116] b) The Magen Avraham 301/4 allows reading matters which give one pleasure.

[3] As in such a case one is preparing for the week to do a forbidden matter. [Beir Moshe ibid, SSH”K 29/46 forbids it in all cases due to this reason].

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