A Gentile wetnurse

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

A Gentile wetnurse:

Danger:[1] Due to reasons of danger, one is not to give their child to a Gentile mother to nurse in her home even if there are other people found there. However, she may nurse the child in the home of the Jew, if there are other Jews that are there or that will constantly enter and leave.

Kashrus:[2] Due to that Gentile milk can create bad character in a child, therefore a woman should never give her child to a Gentile wet nurse for breastfeeding. [This applies to both a boy and girl.[3] However, in a scenario in which there is no other option available and if the child does not nurse then it will be dangerous for his or her health, then a Gentile woman may be hired to nurse the child.[4]]


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