A. Kosher domestic animals:

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A. Kosher domestic animals:[1]

The meat of a Kosher species of domestic animals [i.e. goat, ox, cow and sheep] contains a Biblical Basar Bechalav prohibition.[2] This applies even if the meat is not Kosher due to it being a Neveila or Treifa, as will be explained in B. [Meat includes all muscle, fat and organs of the animal with exception to those parts of the animal listed in Halacha E.]

Status of cooking & benefit: It is thus forbidden in cooking, eating, and benefit, if it was cooked in a common form of cooking together with a Biblical species of milk.

Status of dried meat: Meat that has been dried to the point it is like wood, some Poskim[3] rule nevertheless retains its meat status, and hence may not be used to store milk [if turned into a canteen]. Most Poskim[4], however, rule that it is no longer considered food.


  The status of gravy that secretes from meat:[5] The gravy that excretes from meat is considered like meat and is Biblically forbidden to cook with dairy.  

__________________________ [1] Michaber 87:2-3; Mishneh Chulin 113a

[2] Although the Torah states the meat of a kid, this is not literal, and it includes also other meats such as from an ox, sheep and goat. [Michaber 87:2]

[3] P”M 87 S.D. 33, brought in Pischeiy Teshuvah 87:21

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