A valid court

The criteria for a valid court?[1]

As explained above the Peruzbal is only effective if it is performed before a valid court of law. A valid court consists of any three Kosher[2] Jewish men.

[1] Admur 35; Rama 67/18 “One may be lenient in these times”

Other opinions: Many Poskim rule that regarding a Peruzbal the court is only valid if it is a prestige court that consists of three Jews that are expert in the laws of a Peruzbal and Shemitah and have been appointed by the townspeople. [Michaber 67/18; Rambam 9/17 based on Gittin 36b “A Peruzbal can only be made by a court of law equivalent to Rav Ami and Rav Assi.”]

[2] Meaning that he has not done a transgression which invalidates him from becoming a judge, as explained in the Choshen Mishpat Chapter 7 regarding judges and Chapters 34 and 45 regarding witnesses and the same applies for judges. [7/9] Practically this includes all standard Orthodox Jews.

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