Accepting joyfully

 Accepting Shabbos with joy:[1]

One is to wear elegant clothing and rejoice in the coming of Shabbos like one is going to greet the king, and like one who is greeting a bride and groom. This was the custom of the greatest of our Sages which would garb themselves in elegant clothes and say to each other “Let us go out to greet the Shabbos queen”. They would then proclaim “Greetings Oh Bride Greetings Oh Bride”. In some places they would leave the Shul and enter the courtyard and then make this proclamation. Others were accustomed to go to the field.


Doing Teshuvah on Erev Shabbos:[2]

One should have thoughts of Teshuvah and make an accounting of his soul on every Erev Shabbos.[3]


Not to quarrel on Shabbos:[4]

The Kabalists strongly warned against there being any quarrelling on Shabbos, especially amongst husband and wife. It is brought[5] that the Satan tries to ignite a quarrel especially near the entrance of Shabbos, hence extra care must be taken at that time.

[1] 262/4

[2] Mishneh Berurah brought in Ketzos Hashulchan 73 footnote 25

[3] As it is improper to accept the Shabbos queen when dirty with the filth of sin.

[4] Mishneh Berurah 262/9

[5] Shabbos 113; Aruch Hashulchan 262/5

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