After Musaf on Rosh Chodesh

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After Musaf:

Kaddish:[1] After the Chazan’s repetition he recites the [full] Kaddish [with Tiskabel[2]]. This is then followed by Ein Kelokeinu, Kaddish Derabanan and Aleinu.

Lamnatzeiach and daily Tehillim:[3] After Aleinu one recites the psalm of “Lamnatzeiach Yeancha” [prior to saying the daily Tehillim with the congregation].


[1] Michaber 423/3

[2] M”B 423/8

[3] Sefer Hamamarim 1948 p. 268; Sefer Haminhagim p. 19; This Takana began on the 2nd of Nissan 1944 based on what the Rebbe Rayatz heard in Gan Eden

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