Angels are standers; Souls in Phyisical bodies are walkers

Standers versus walkers:[1]

Angels are referred to as “Omdim/standers” in scripture in contrast to “Mehalchim/Walkers” which is used in reference to man. This matter is not a mere play on words, but a description of difference between man and angels. Standing connotes one’s still position, not moving either backwards or forwards. In service of G-d this means that the angels retain an equal form of Divine experience throughout their existence. They never develop a greater or different experience of G-dliness than that which they are capable of naturally handling. However, man is defined as a walker, as walking connotes constant change of position. Man has ability to exceed his natural limitations of G-dly experience and grow to receive even more than the angels. This power of spiritual walking is only found in souls that are invested in bodies in the physical world. The souls of man as they are found in the spiritual worlds, such as Gan Eden, are also considered “Standers” just like the angels. The ability to expand one’s G-dly experience to levels that are infinitely greater than one’s natural capacity is a result of the investment of one’s G-dly soul into the animal soul and body which are rooted in Tohu and G-d’s essence. It is the Torah and Mitzvos performed in this world in a physical body with Iskafya and Ishapcha that give man the ability to grow beyond the levels of angels or even his own soul as it existed prior to its descent.


[1] Torah Or Vayeishev 30a

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