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For pleasure: It is forbidden to anoint for pleasure purposes. [Thus, one may not apply to one’s body oil, cosmetics, or perfume.[2]]

Medical purposes:[3] It is permitted to anoint for medical purposes.



On Tisha B’av, one may not use the following items unless it is for medical purposes:

  • cosmetics
  • lotions
  • oils
  • soap
  • perfumes


May one use deodorant during Tisha B’av?[4]

Some Poskim[5] rule it is permitted to apply deodorant to ones skin on Tisha B’av in order to prevent a bad odor of sweat.[6]


May one place a medical cream on his skin on Tisha B’av?



May one apply chap stick/lip balm to dried lips?



[1] Michaber 554:15; See also Michaber Y.D. 381:2 regarding Shiva

[2] See Piskeiy Teshuvos 554:14

[3] Michaber ibid; Admur 614:1

[4] Gra 554:15; Admur 614:1

[5] Biur Halacha 554 “Sicha”; Piskeiy Teshuvos 554:14; Michaber 381 regarding Aveilus

Ruling regarding Yom Kippur: It is forbidden to apply deodorant to one’s skin on Tisha B’av even in order to prevent a bad odor of sweat. [Admur 614:1]

Other Opinions: Some Poskim rule it is forbidden to apply deodorant on Tisha B’av just like Yom Kippur. [Mateh Yehuda brought in Biur Halacha ibid]

[6] The reason: As the laws of Sicha on Tisha B’av are more lenient than the laws of Yom Kippur.

[7] As it is done for medicinal purposes, which the Sages permitted to be done on Tisha B’av.

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