Are raw eggs Muktzah on Shabbos?

Are raw Kosher eggs Muktzah on Shabbos?[1]

Although raw foods that are not edible unless cooked are generally Muktzah on Shabbos[2], nevertheless, it is evident from the Poskim[3] that raw [Kosher[4]] eggs are not Muktzah on Shabbos and have the same status as any other edible food.[5] [Thus, one may move a container of raw eggs on Shabbos for any purpose, such as to use the space, or to save from damage. It goes without saying that a soft-boiled eggs may be eaten on Shabbos.]

An egg that contains a chick:[6] An egg that contains a chick inside is Muktzah.[7] [Likewise, an egg which contains blood, such as if a chicken has sat on the egg for three days, then it is Muktzah as it is no longer edible.[8]]

An egg laid on Shabbos:[9] An egg which has been laid on Shabbos is forbidden to be eaten[10] and is therefore Muktzah.[11] It is even forbidden to merely touch the egg.[12] Although the egg is Muktzah, nevertheless, it is permitted to place a vessel over the egg to protect it. However, it is forbidden for the vessel to touch the egg in the process. If the egg became mixed with other eggs that were laid before Shabbos, then all the eggs are forbidden to be eaten and they are all Muktzah. This applies even if the ratio of the mixture is 1:1000.[13] If an egg which was laid on Shabbos and the next day is Yom Tov or vice versa, then the egg remains Muktzah also the next day.[14] All the above applies even if there is a doubt as to when the egg was laid, in which case we are nevertheless stringent to forbid eating the egg and its entire mixture.[15]

Eggs placed under a chicken:[16] Eggs that were placed under the chickens in order to develop them into chicks, are not Muktzah and are hence permitted to be moved. [However, if the chicken has sat on the egg for three days then it is Muktzah and is hence forbidden to be moved being that it now contains blood, and is hence no longer edible.[17] Furthermore, some Poskim[18] rule that in today’s times it is considered Muktzah in all cases that it was placed under the chicken being that it is no longer common to move it in such a case until it is developed into a chick.]



Raw eggs are not Muktzah on Shabbos unless the egg was laid on Shabbos, or contains blood or a chick.

May one juggle raw eggs on Shabbos to show off his juggling skills?[19]




[1] Aruch Hashulchan 308:58 “A raw egg which was laid yesterday in my opinion is not Muktzah as there are some individuals who drink it raw”; SSH”K 34 footnote 18; Piskeiy Teshuvos 308:45

[2] Admur 308:68; Michaber 308:31

[3] So is evident from all the following rulings which discuss the use of raw eggs on Shabbos: Admur 309:10; 310:2 “Eggs that were placed under the chickens in order to develop them into chicks, are permitted to be moved.”; 318:7 “However [to cook] with the [heat of the] sun directly, such as to leave an egg in the sun in order to cook, or to leave water in the sun in order to heat up is allowed because doing so is not the common form of cooking [and thus is not Biblically forbidden].”; Admur 319:21 “However if one placed the mustard into the strainer from before Shabbos [and thus filtered it out from the bran] then it is permitted to place an egg into [the strainer] in order to [have the yolk fall through the strainer and] give color to the mustard that has been filtered through it. Now, although the yolk falls out [through the holes of the strainer] together with the mustard while the white which is [all] connected remains above with the waste, [nevertheless] this does not appear like separating food from waste being that both the yolk and the white are foods and he is not filtering the yolk from the white because he desires to eat the yolk and not the white, but rather because the yolk helps give color to the mustard as opposed to the white.”; Admur 328:43 “However, if one does not have any ache at all and does not intend at all [to eat an item] for healing but rather for a different usage, such as for example, one who eats sweet resin and swallows a raw egg in order to sweeten his voice, then it is permitted.”; Michaber 310:2; 318:3; 328:38; See P”M 321 A”A 24 and M”B 321:68 that may place egg in Keli Sheiyni.

[4] However, a nonkosher egg, such as an egg laid from a nonkosher species, would be considered Muktzah being that it has no use on Shabbos, as it cannot be eaten. [See Admur 308:9; M”A 446:3 in name of Beis Yosef in name of Rivash 401] If, however, the egg is designated to be fed to animals which are raised in the area or to be sold to Gentiles, then seemingly it is not Muktzah. [See Admur 308:9 “as since its time of prohibition [of eating] carries for a long time [therefore] it is designated within this time [of prohibition], to be fed to animals and sold to gentiles.”

[5] The reason: 1) As there are some individuals who drink it raw in order to sweeten their voice. [Admur 328:43; Michaber 328:38; Aruch Hashulchan ibid “as there are some individuals who drink it raw”; This may include Chazanim. or people who drink it raw for health reasons. It is likewise common to eat soft boiled eggs which are practically raw. It is likewise common to eat a sunny side up omelet with the egg yolk not being fully cooked and still retaining its raw liquid form.] 2) Alternatively, the reason is because it is possible to enter the raw egg as the ingredient of a ready-to-eat food. [Piskeiy Teshuvos ibid; Several common foods include raw eggs as a common ingredient, including mayonnaise, hollandaise, ice cream, and salad dressings, such as Caesar salad dressing]. 3) According to those who permit placing it in a Keli Sheiyni [see P”M 321 A”A 24 and M”B 321:68], then certainly it is not considered Muktzah as it has a permitted way of being cooked. 4) Furthermore, even according to those who prohibit this even in a Keli Shelishi, which is how we rule being that raw eggs are considered Kalei Habishul, nonetheless, it is possible to cook them in the sun. [Admur 318:7; Michaber 318:3]

[6] Admur 309:10 “A nest of chickens which has an egg with a chick inside of it, [in which case the law is] that this egg is forbidden to be moved  being that it is not fit even for a dog [to eat] due to its shell, then the nest has become a [Halachic] base for the egg, as since the nest is made for the chickens, it [therefore] is not considered like one forgot the egg there, and rather it is as if one placed it there intentionally”; M”A 309; M”B 309:18

[7] Admur 309:10

[8] Kaf Hachaim 310:10

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[10] The reason: The reason for this is because an egg which has been laid on a Shabbos which followed a Yom Tov [i.e. Yom Tov was on Friday], or on a Yom Tov which followed Shabbos [i.e. Yom Tov was on Sunday] then that egg is Biblically forbidden to be eaten. The reason for this is because the egg was already prepared to be laid the day before it was actually laid. Thus, it ends up that Yom Tov or Shabbos prepared the laying of the egg of Shabbos/Yom Tov, and the Torah states “And on the 6th day prepare [for the Sabbath]”. From here it learned that only a weekday may prepare for Shabbos while a Holiday may not prepare for Shabbos. Likewise, Shabbos may not prepare for Yom Tov, as Yom Tov is also called Shabbos. [Admur 513:1] Now, although Biblically an egg which was laid on Shabbos that did not follow a Yom Tov is permitted, nevertheless the Sages made a decree against eating any egg laid on Shabbos or Yom Tov, as a safeguard around the Biblical prohibition. [Admur 513:2]

An egg laid on Motzei Shabbos: May be eaten as only an egg which is being eaten on Shabbos or Yom Tov is forbidden to be prepared on Shabbos or Yom Tov. [Admur 513:1]

Other preparations done on Shabbos: Only matters which are prepared from Heaven are forbidden when done on a Shabbos before Yom Tov, however preparations done through the hands of man are not Biblically forbidden. [Admur ibid]

[11] The reason: Since the egg is forbidden to be eaten it serves no purpose and is therefore Muktzah. [Admur 513:3]

[12] Admur 513:3; Now although all Muktzah is allowed to be touched if one does not shake it in the process, nevertheless by an egg it is forbidden as an egg is oval and even mere touching will cause it to move in the process. [Admur ibid]

[13] The reason: As the egg laid on Shabbos is a forbidden food which will eventually become permitted, of which the ruling is that it is never nullified even in 1000x. [Admur 513:4]

[14] Michaber 322:2

The reason: This is due to a Rabbinical decree, as it ends up that the day before prepared the egg, as it is better to eat an egg which has been out of the chicken for some while then an egg which has just emerged. Nevertheless, this is only a Rabbinical prohibition, as Biblically the egg was already prepared before Shabbos, and it is only when it was prepared to be hatched on Shabbos that it is forbidden the next day. [Admur 513:9]

[15] Admur 513:4

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[19] Although it is forbidden to move even Non-Muktzah items, including cutlery and pottery, for no need at all [See Admur 308:16], this is with exception to food, which one may move for even no need at all. [Admur 308:17]

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