Are women commanded against performing Zera Levatala [i.e. sexual stimulation]:

Are women commanded against performing Zera Levatala [i.e. sexual stimulation]:

Some Poskim[1] rule that women are prohibited against performing Zera Levatala with their seed [i.e. female stimulation/masturbation[2]]. Other Poskim[3] rule that women are not commanded against performing Zera Levatala to their own seed. Nevertheless, according to Kabala, the prohibition of “Zera Levatala” applies equally to all women, and those who do so increase evil spirits and Kelipos.[4] The above, however, only refers to the actual act of stimulation, however to entertain sexual thoughts of a man is Biblically forbidden even for women, and hence thinking immoral thoughts of a man transgresses a Biblical prohibition irrelevant of whether it leads to stimulation of Zera Levatala.[5]


[1] Rashi and Rabbeinu Chananel brought in Tosafus Rosh on Nida 13a; Ramban Nida ibid “I do not agree with Tosafus, as although women are not commanded in having children, they are commanded against destroying the seed.”

[2] So is evident from Nida ibid that it is referring to stimulation, however regarding the exact definition of seed of a woman, this matter is unclear and the Mefarshim offer various explanations: [See also Brachos 60a, Nida 28a and 31a “When a woman gives seed first she conceives a male child”] 1) The female seed in this context refers to the moisture that she experiences in the area during intimacy. [Seforno Tazria] 2) The term seed used in the above context refers to the blood that gathers in the woman’s womb at the conclusion of stimulation. [Ramban on Tazria; Chazon Ish Y.D. 104:3]

[3] Mishneh and Gemara Nida 13a “Nashim Lav Bnei Hargasha Ninhu”; Tosafus Nida ibid and 2nd approach in Tosafus Rosh on Nida ibid that this means that they are not commanded against performing Zera Levatala as their seed remains inside their body even after it is stimulated and is hence never spilled; Shut Tzafnas Paneiach [Rogatchaver] 164

[4] See Shaar Hakavanos Inyan Drush Layla; Yifei Laleiv 239; Kaf Hachaim 239/3

[5] Igros Moshe Even Haezer 1:69; Shevet Halevi 5:197; See Ramban Nida ibid “As it brings to Hirhur”

The source and reason: As the verse states “Lo Sasuru Acharei Levavchem Viachrei Eiyneichem” from which we learn that it is forbidden to entertain thoughts promiscuity, and there is no differentiation between a man and woman in this command. [Shevet Halevi ibid; Igros Moshe Even Haezer 1:69; See Sefer Chassidim 614 “A woman should not hear the voice of a man as whatever a man is commanded in so too a woman”;]

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