Are women obligated in the Mitzvah of Peru Urevu

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Obligation of women:[1]

A woman is not obligated in the Biblical Mitzvah of Peru Urevu [although she does receive the Mitzvah for assisting her husband in having children[2]]. [Furthermore, some Poskim[3] rule that she is nevertheless obligated in the Mitzvah of Lasheves, to procreate the world.]


[1] Michaber 1:13; Rambam Ishus 15:16; Mishneh Yevamos 65b; Ran Kiddushin chapter 2; Aruch Hashulchan E.H. 1:4

[2] See Ran Kiddushin chapter 2 that she receives a Mitzvah for helping the husband achieve his Mitzvah

[3] M”A O.C. 153:9; Beis Shmuel 1:2; Tosafus Bava Basra 13; Brought and negated in Aruch Hashulchan ibid; See Yabia Omer 3:20-33

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