Bathroom, Bathhouse, Mikveh


Bathroom/Mikvah/Skin processing plant:[1]

A bathroom or Mikveh is exempt from having a Mezuzah being that they were not made for an honorable form of dwelling.[2] Thus they should not have a Mezuzah placed on their doors even if the Mezuzah will be covered.[3]


Does the lounge of a Mikveh, or the room in which the payment is collected, require a Mezuzah?[4]

It has the same status as a store and is hence to have a Mezuzah placed without a blessing.[5] Others[6] however rule that a blessing may be recited.


Is a Sauna or steam room obligated in a Mezuzah?



Does a slaughtering house require a Mezuzah?

The area in which the animals are slaughtered do not require a Mezuzah unless the area leads to an a room of dwelling.


Does a room require a Mezuzah if its entrance is through a bathroom?[7]

The door of that room is to have a Mezuzah placed inside, behind the door. The door which enters into the bathroom remains exempt from a Mezuzah.

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