Became Nida after Mikveh-waiting five days

Must a woman wait another five days if she saw blood after Mikveh prior to having marital relations?[1]

Some Poskim[2] rule she does not have to wait five days even if the wife already came home and was affectionate with her husband, so long as they did not yet have marital relations.[3] Other Poskim[4] rule that she is always required to wait five days prior to beginning her Shiva Nekiyim, even if she received the period prior to arriving back home after Mikveh. Other Poskim[5] rule that if she did not yet arrive home then she does not need to wait five days while if she already arrived home she is to wait five days. Practically, she is not required to wait five days[6], although if she already arrived home and had affectionate touch a Rav is to be contacted.[7]

[1] See Pischeiy Teshuvah 196/12; Shiureiy Shevet Halevi 196 p. 298; Taharah Kehalacha 15/6

[2] Meil Tzedaka 196/32; Sidrei Taharah 196/39; Pnei Yehoshua 12; Teshuvah Meahava 3; Imrei Yosher 2/92; Piskei Dinim 196/29; Aruch Hashulchan 196/39; Ben Ish Chaiy Tzav 2/16; [Some of these Poskom do not explicitly discuss the case if she already arrived home, although it seems from their lack of discussion that they are lenient so long as it is prior to Tashmish]

[3] Meil Tzedaka ibid; Shiureiy Shevet Halevi ibid

[4] Nodah Beyehuda Tinyana 125

[5] Sidrei Taharah 196/39 in name of Soles Belula; Implication of Taz 196/7 that explicitly conditions the case by a Kallah to be prior to Yichud as only then does she “not come even close to any resemblance of marital relations”

[6] As so rule majority of Poskim unlike the Noda Beyehuda and so concludes the Pischeiy Teshuvah ibid; Shiureiy Shevet Halevi ibid in name of Chazon Ish; Taharah Kehalacha ibid

[7] Taharah Kehalachaibid implies to be completely lenient, although Shiureiy Shevet Halei concludes to ask a Rav in such a case, as from the Taz ibid it is impleid that she must wait five days.

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